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  2. If anyone wants to add me on the Nintendo Switch, Wii U or 3DS I have two separate accounts, you can add me on: Main Account: Wii U: zeldacavern 3DS: 3368-5725-4601 Switch: SW-6709-6167-2399 Secondary Account: Wii U: Chaladrius 3DS: 4957-8125-2389 Switch: SW-8068-8438-2110 Feel free to post your information here so I can add you, looking forward to gaming with you.
  3. Pokemon Switch Getting Helmed By "Veteran" Pokemon Devs

    I hope they put a BotW twist to it, and make it big open world, cool pokemon encounters and lots of cities, gyms and cool options.
  4. Forum Feedback and shaping

    I am glad to see you back in the game Nate.
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  6. That's crazy! So, so deserved though. Amazing system :3
  7. Forum Feedback and shaping

    Good ideas folks. Glad to see a few more people here. I'll see about fleshing things out as the week goes on.
  8. Forum Feedback and shaping

    Maybe a new member introductions thread could be highlighted. Let everyone get a chance to introduce themselves, and what type of gaming they are into. I am new here, and didn't see a thread like that to just come in and say Hi.
  9. It also appears that Switch sold 600k units in October just in the US. Man, things are blowing up fast.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. For the PS4 the attach rate at this point was a little under 3 games per system. I can't find the attach rates for Wii and DS unfortunately.
  11. Cheers for the comparison figures of other systems. Strong launch so far, certainly, hopefully we'll see that continue over time, and see no real reason we won't. Do you happen to have the equivalent attach rate figures for this stage in their life cycle for any other systems?
  12. Hi Everyone! Just like to add some additional information to the video. For comparison in the same time period from launch PS2: 3.52 million (granted it was only available in Japan) 3DS: 6.68 million DS: 6.65 million Wii: 9.27 million Wii U: 3.61 million PS4: 10.2 million Keep in mind PS4, Wii, Wii U and DS had holiday launches. Switch had yet to have its first holiday season as of this most recent sales update making these number even more astounding. It could outsell the first year of DS which is ver impressive. For context DS and PS2 are the best selling consoles of all time. The switch currently has an attach rate of 3.7 games per system. This is higher than that of the PS4 in this stage of the system's life.
  13. Super Mario Odyssey |OT| - Capturing Our Hearts

    I was hyped at the start, and after hearing about all the Mario 64 stuff actually in the game, I can't wait to play this! I just need a Switch
  14. Super Mario Odyssey is looking to be one of the greatest Mario games ever made. Open Critic: 98 Metacritic: 97 GameRankings: 98.92% Reviews are off the hook. The hype is real. So here we are, our first ever official thread for a game! Let's do it. From here on out, all Mario Odyssey goodness goes in this thread! Tell me, how ready are you? Is your body reggie?
  15. Pokemon Switch Getting Helmed By "Veteran" Pokemon Devs

    Yeah, I hope it's not like, Sun and Moon in HD. I hope they rebuild the franchise from the ground up as a console level RPG experience. I know that's a lot of work, but anything less feels like a cop out.
  16. Pokemon Switch Getting Helmed By "Veteran" Pokemon Devs

    Mega Evolution is cool, but I'm hoping to see a game more akin to the originals. Just focuses on Gym battles and Pokemon collecting, with minimal story effort. Story in a Pokemon game kinda makes it lose its focus, imo.
  17. Pokemon Switch Getting Helmed By "Veteran" Pokemon Devs

    I can't help but wonder if there should be more new blood on the team, fresh ideas from people new to working on the franchise seemed to do Breath of the Wild a world of good, looking in from the outside, and Pokemon is going to be transitioning from a handheld RPG series that's been iteratively improving on a design originally made for a monochromatic 160x144 pixel screen to a console RPG series, albeit for a hybrid system, with this hardware change. I'm just wanting it to feel like a console RPG that I happen to be able to take on the go, rather than a handheld RPG that I happen to be able to play on my tv, I guess? And I'm honestly not sure how much needs to change to make that happen.
  18. Pokemon Switch Getting Helmed By "Veteran" Pokemon Devs

    We'll see. I am not even sure what i want out of a Pokemon game on Switch. But I am pumped.
  19. For this to be true, I think they need to be winding down first party 3ds software support faster than I was anticipating. Which isn't a bad thing, imo, as much as I liked that system at the time. What we know is coming for the Switch from that direction in 2018, to my knowledge, are Kirby, Yoshi, and a Fire Emblem game. My speculation for what else I'd expect to see: On a corporate level, I think they'd want a mainline Animal Crossing title to come early 2018 to ride whatever boost in IP AC mobile gets, which is coming soon enough for a Direct to be dedicated to it tomorrow. With the multiplayer potential of a lot of the Switch's design, I think on a corporate level you want to see a minigame anthology a year - keep encouraging people to take the system to parties where it might be the only Switch for the free advertising that gives - so either Mario Party 11 or Wario Ware Switch. 2018 will be 3 years since Mario Maker, so I think we see either a sequel to that or a Maker game attached to a different IP. And Pikmin 4 was apparently 'very close to completion' in 2015. For things that might also be possibilities - ARMS was apparently meant to communicate an ongoing commitment to new IPs, Retro have been working in radio silence for the past few years, it's possible Pokemon Switch sneaks into 2018 but I feel 2019's more likely for that, and we might continue to see ports of Wii U games, if so I'd guess Smash 4, Tropical Freeze, Captain Toad, Mario 3d World, and Xenoblade X as the main candidates if we do. At least in the short term, then... It's plausible for there to be as many Nintendo games coming to the Switch for 2018 as came in 2017 Beyond that, it depends on how committed they are to the Switch verses continuing to bring software to the 3ds.
  20. Pokemon Switch Getting Helmed By "Veteran" Pokemon Devs

    Hoping this means Pokemon Switch will have a decent story and great battle mechanics
  21. From an interview with Yoshiaki Koizumi by 4GAMER, transcribed by Nintendo Everything: I naturally made a video about this, which contains the rest of the transcribed text: This brings us to... you folks. Thoughts? Concerns? Typical PR speak?
  22. Pokemon Switch Getting Helmed By "Veteran" Pokemon Devs

    @Nathanial Rumphol-Janc what are your 'criticisms'?
  23. From an interview with GameSpot: Made a video on it and some of my thoughts: What do you folks think?
  24. Forum Feedback and shaping

    Sure go for it.
  25. Forum Feedback and shaping

    Also do you guys mind if I advertise the forum on the /r/Nintendo discord? Just to help spread the word
  26. Nintendo Switch Hardware Issues Official Thread

    A friend of mine also bought a Switch. In September, for some reason the joysrick on the left Joycon began to play up. I found it strange because it wasn't the typical Joycon bluetooth disconnect issue. The joystick could no longer be pressed down and it was recieving wierd inputs. Anyway it was returned to the store and he got a new pair of Joycon. Apparently it wasn't the first of this issue. The EB Games employee said it had happened before. Besides that i've had no problems personally. I've even dropped my Joycon on concrete and it still worked like brand new.
  27. Forum Feedback and shaping

    Could we add a retro discussion board to talk about retro games and collections etc. That would be sweet
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