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  2. New Theme

    Still alot of things I need to do. Been a tad busy the last week or so.
  3. New Theme

    Honestly I love the work you're doing here. Just gotta find some spare funds to renew the boards to get them updated so new members can join and I feel way more confident pushing these again!
  4. 100th Podcast.

    I will fix more css stuff on the theme tonight! Sorry for a few color irregularities lol
  5. New Theme

    I have been a tad busy at work or I probably wouldve finished a bit more last night.
  6. New Theme

    I think it's looking pretty good so far! Interesting change from when I last visited a week ago
  7. 100th Podcast.

    Don't really have time to watch it, but congrats! Also, love the new theme
  8. 100th Podcast.

    Glad you really enjoyed it. Been a long road!
  9. New Theme

    I am currently in the process of revamping the css here to make the forums look good. Please disregard any small color irregularities for now. Please tell me what you think of the process or lwt me know of any suggestions or items that need fixed.
  10. Detective-Pool Pikachu

    Detective Pikachu/Deadpool crossover.
  11. Test status

  12. How's it going guys?

    Nothing you?
  13. 100th Podcast.

    It be poppin!
  14. How's it going guys?

    What up, ya'll?
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