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    Glad you noticed! There was a lot of stuff going through my mind making the change, but what technically forced the change to occur comes down to a necessity. So I was using a prebuilt premium wordpress skin called... crap I don't even remember. But it was a $50 purchase I made last year. It included a handful of addons and template which I modified to fit what I wanted to do. For some reason, the past few weeks the layout itself just kept "breaking". Some folks never noticed it because their ISP didn't update before I fixed it, but fixing it entailed re-installing the layout, only for it to break 8 hours later. I think the cause of it breaking is because one of the addons it uses, some visual page builder, is a premium addon that doesn't have a license, meaning I have to buy a license for that to update it. I currently have $5 in my bank - so a $40 license fee for that addon wasn't feasible atm, nor was it feasible for me to continue to waste so much time monitoring the site for the layout to break. This change was essentially prompted because I was tired of wasting time fixing things instead of posting. I went through a 5 day process trying to find a "free" skin for wordpress I felt fit the desires I have for the site before ultimately settling on what you see now. I did very minimal modifications to it to hopefully ensure it doesn't break, but overall I like the look and feel of what the end product is and so far... so good, nothing has broken yet.
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    Spreading the word around to just about every forum I'm a part of: a demo of my next game went up last night! It's available for a minimum of a dollar help me, I'm broke for Windows, Linux, and Mac systems! Feel free to download it here: https://powermaster.itch.io/power-master-1-a-strange-journey-mv-demo Am also working on getting up for Steam, and I have someone I can contact to get it up on Nintendo eShops, so we'll see how that goes! Let me know what you think either here, on the game page's comments, or just about anywhere else you can find me.