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    Hi Everyone! Just like to add some additional information to the video. For comparison in the same time period from launch PS2: 3.52 million (granted it was only available in Japan) 3DS: 6.68 million DS: 6.65 million Wii: 9.27 million Wii U: 3.61 million PS4: 10.2 million Keep in mind PS4, Wii, Wii U and DS had holiday launches. Switch had yet to have its first holiday season as of this most recent sales update making these number even more astounding. It could outsell the first year of DS which is ver impressive. For context DS and PS2 are the best selling consoles of all time. The switch currently has an attach rate of 3.7 games per system. This is higher than that of the PS4 in this stage of the system's life.
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    So a few things! 1. Thanks so much for coming back! I know our community at the board was small anyways, but I really appreciated having it and I think with our discord being a bit active and some real promotion on our site, social media, and YouTube we can definitely drive a more active community here. Glad you came back. This is absolutely the last time the boards will be wiped and started fresh, I can guarantee that much. Even if we change hosts in the future, it will be with the ability to port over a database backup. 2. The lack of themeing is exactly why the forums are not really being promoted. It just isn't a "Nintendo Prime" look right now, which is fine. I just want a handful of active people here so we can test things and actually invite new people into a board that already has some activity. I do have someone working on a brand new theme both for these boards and the site itself. I am unsure how long it will take to be complete, they are making it in their spare time. But once the theme is ready is when I'll really push the boards. 3. The separate topic boards is actually what this topic is for. I want to know what kind of boards you guys would like to see. I think keeping it to 5 or less is ideal. No need to spread ourselves too thin. 4. I threw those statistics there the other day. Just playing around a bit. Been awhile!
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    And now I see you got rid of the scroll bar, but hey it was either that or the list, really. The list looks better though, having all the posts there in one place with a preview. All in all, this is looking good!
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    We're still making some adjustments. We arleady made it better on YouTube.
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    Here is where we talk about hardware issues that have cropped up on Nintendo Switch. These can either be issues you yourself have experienced or ones you found elsewhere online. This thread is to discuss these issues at length, possible solutions for them beyond the typical "send it into Nintendo", and how to possibly prevent these issues in the future. As an example, one known issue that hasn't been fixed is that it's very easy to scratch the screen on a Switch because as they are plastic. These scratches can happen with a dock that may not be perfectly straight, or through sheer user error, among other items touching the screen itself. The best way to avoid this is with a screen protector, preferably a tempered glass one. There are other dock specific solutions including dock sleeves and adding pieces of felt. Just get a screen protector and say thanks. So, what issues are you aware of, and what are the solutions?
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    If anyone wants to add me on the Nintendo Switch, Wii U or 3DS I have two separate accounts, you can add me on: Main Account: Wii U: zeldacavern 3DS: 3368-5725-4601 Switch: SW-6709-6167-2399 Secondary Account: Wii U: Chaladrius 3DS: 4957-8125-2389 Switch: SW-8068-8438-2110 Feel free to post your information here so I can add you, looking forward to gaming with you.
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    Maybe a new member introductions thread could be highlighted. Let everyone get a chance to introduce themselves, and what type of gaming they are into. I am new here, and didn't see a thread like that to just come in and say Hi.
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    It also appears that Switch sold 600k units in October just in the US. Man, things are blowing up fast.
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    Sorry for the late reply. For the PS4 the attach rate at this point was a little under 3 games per system. I can't find the attach rates for Wii and DS unfortunately.
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    Yeah, I hope it's not like, Sun and Moon in HD. I hope they rebuild the franchise from the ground up as a console level RPG experience. I know that's a lot of work, but anything less feels like a cop out.
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    Could we add a retro discussion board to talk about retro games and collections etc. That would be sweet