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  1. New Theme

    Honestly I love the work you're doing here. Just gotta find some spare funds to renew the boards to get them updated so new members can join and I feel way more confident pushing these again!
  2. 100th Podcast.

    Glad you really enjoyed it. Been a long road!
  3. Wii U VC?

    Mario Maker was technically a gimped port on 3DS. It would fit perfectly on Switch. TPHD and WWHD were never on 3DS. It would be a shame to let those HD remasters die on a dead platform. I think your assumptions are off base. Nintendo has no issue repackaging their games so you buy them again, and again, and again. Look at how they have made people rebuy VC games over the years. They have no issue milking that cow.
  4. Buyers Concerns

    Welcome to the forums! Let me address a few things... I mean, it's cool if you don't want to play the games in the state they are on Switch... but I enjoy them. It's not like you can't play them elsewhere instead? Options my friend. I don't really understand this comment. Is the idea here that the Wii U games are really bad or something? Just curious, because the Wii U had oodles of really good games. To answer your last question - no. Based on the way you're talking and your own personal desires, you absolutely should not buy a Switch. Look at the way you're talking about the platform and it's shortcomings combined with your personal desires. You're a PC enthusiasts (as am I, but more so an overall tech enthusiast then just PC). You're not sitting there talking about how great the exclusive games look to be, or how impressive it is in the form factor Switch is to run certain games that really no other tablet has any business pulling off. You just talk about your personal disgust that such games even attempt to run on Switch. You also talk about overclocking and "upgradability" - these are not what dedicated video game devices are. That's not just a Switch thing - PS4 and Xbox One are the same way. Besides a hard-drive swap, you can't do anything else to those platforms. That is very much a thing with pc tech. Which is part of the reason you are a PC gamer first and foremost. You are an admitted PC tech enthusiast. And that is perfectly fine. The Switch was being made at time when Tegra X1 was among the best mobile gaming chips on the planet. It's not that anymore, but it's not way behind, either.
  5. Wii U VC?

    I mean, obviously we need to have Virtual Console in the first place. Without Virtual Console, there is nothing to discuss. At the same time, I sincerely doubt we would EVER get Wii U VC. Because, as has been proven so far, they can just rerelease the entire Wii U exclusive library for full price and makes lots of money. You mention how WW HD, TP HD, and Yoshi's Wolly World will "never get ported" - I'm curious, how did you come to that conclusion? Ports of Wii U games are cheap, simple, and easy to do and they have the entire lifespan of Switch to port them over. How do you know they aren't going to do just that with every exclusive? Also, explain this: Now, obviously I understand if motion controls are NOT your thing, but they really have no impact on most users. Very few games use them much, but they are still there for games that want to. Those controls have also made Nintendo Labo entirely possible, as well as the chance of getting Skyward Sword HD. Just curious, when considering that, how people can think it's unfortunate that Switch has motion controls. Arguably, part of Switch's brilliance is how they incorporated practically every single control option they have had over the past 20 years in a simple pair of joycons.
  6. I see you've updated again

    We're still making some adjustments. We arleady made it better on YouTube.
  7. Nintendo Direct 3/8/2018

    Yeah, Smash.
  8. Super Mario Odyssey is looking to be one of the greatest Mario games ever made. Open Critic: 98 Metacritic: 97 GameRankings: 98.92% Reviews are off the hook. The hype is real. So here we are, our first ever official thread for a game! Let's do it. From here on out, all Mario Odyssey goodness goes in this thread! Tell me, how ready are you? Is your body reggie?
  9. Here is where we talk about hardware issues that have cropped up on Nintendo Switch. These can either be issues you yourself have experienced or ones you found elsewhere online. This thread is to discuss these issues at length, possible solutions for them beyond the typical "send it into Nintendo", and how to possibly prevent these issues in the future. As an example, one known issue that hasn't been fixed is that it's very easy to scratch the screen on a Switch because as they are plastic. These scratches can happen with a dock that may not be perfectly straight, or through sheer user error, among other items touching the screen itself. The best way to avoid this is with a screen protector, preferably a tempered glass one. There are other dock specific solutions including dock sleeves and adding pieces of felt. Just get a screen protector and say thanks. So, what issues are you aware of, and what are the solutions?
  10. From an interview with GameSpot: Made a video on it and some of my thoughts: What do you folks think?
  11. Forum Feedback and shaping

    Hey folks, just taking ideas on what kind of boards you'd like to see, this is our community.
  12. Forum Feedback and shaping

    Good ideas folks. Glad to see a few more people here. I'll see about fleshing things out as the week goes on.
  13. It also appears that Switch sold 600k units in October just in the US. Man, things are blowing up fast.
  14. Pokemon Switch Getting Helmed By "Veteran" Pokemon Devs

    Yeah, I hope it's not like, Sun and Moon in HD. I hope they rebuild the franchise from the ground up as a console level RPG experience. I know that's a lot of work, but anything less feels like a cop out.
  15. Pokemon Switch Getting Helmed By "Veteran" Pokemon Devs

    We'll see. I am not even sure what i want out of a Pokemon game on Switch. But I am pumped.
  16. From an interview with Yoshiaki Koizumi by 4GAMER, transcribed by Nintendo Everything: I naturally made a video about this, which contains the rest of the transcribed text: This brings us to... you folks. Thoughts? Concerns? Typical PR speak?
  17. Forum Feedback and shaping

    Sure go for it.
  18. Forum Feedback and shaping

    So a few things! 1. Thanks so much for coming back! I know our community at the board was small anyways, but I really appreciated having it and I think with our discord being a bit active and some real promotion on our site, social media, and YouTube we can definitely drive a more active community here. Glad you came back. This is absolutely the last time the boards will be wiped and started fresh, I can guarantee that much. Even if we change hosts in the future, it will be with the ability to port over a database backup. 2. The lack of themeing is exactly why the forums are not really being promoted. It just isn't a "Nintendo Prime" look right now, which is fine. I just want a handful of active people here so we can test things and actually invite new people into a board that already has some activity. I do have someone working on a brand new theme both for these boards and the site itself. I am unsure how long it will take to be complete, they are making it in their spare time. But once the theme is ready is when I'll really push the boards. 3. The separate topic boards is actually what this topic is for. I want to know what kind of boards you guys would like to see. I think keeping it to 5 or less is ideal. No need to spread ourselves too thin. 4. I threw those statistics there the other day. Just playing around a bit. Been awhile!
  19. Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation