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  1. Okay, so I have finally beaten the game...a couple weeks ago. I forgot this thread existed There's still a number of Shrines I have left (about 20) and Koroks (~800). All in all, it's still a fun game with plenty of secrets to explore and things to look at. But it's at the point where it's kinda dwindling. It's still immersive, but it doesn't seem like the kind of game I will keep coming back to, mainly due to what I've already done in the game. I don't want to loss all the weapons, Shrines, and hours I've got, so there isn't any replayability for me, unlike the first Zelda. I do agree with your four points: mundane quests, repetitive cooking, non-existent story, and lack of dungeons does kinda worsen the game. But at the same time, it's expansive and fun to just go mess around in. I think that's what it was aiming for, if it was trying to bring back something from the original Zelda: just a large world to mess around in. Go fight a Lynel, shield-boarding, jump off a cliff and see if you live, launch a boulder as far as you can, ride said boulder, climb the tallest tree, spelunking in the deepest caves... Zelda will continue to expand from here on out, as video games do. Whether that works or not is to be seen.
  2. The game certainly isn't for everyone. For me, honestly, the larger the game world, the more boring it becomes to traverse it. Fast-travel helps in games like this, but then you have to sit through loading screens and bleh. I've completed the four main dungeons and a number of shrines. My goal now is to find the remaining memories before I take on Ganon. The game is a lot of fun, don't get me wrong. The challenges are nice and the difficulty is at a nice range. But it is also very large and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to find or even do everything. I'm not shooting for 100%, but this is the same problem I had with Xenoblade Chronicles X (of course, there's also and underleveled problem there I have ). As for the story, I think it was supposed to be nonexistant. The point of the game is exploration. But, yeah, it'd be nice to have some goal other than "defeat Ganon". I'll continue playing until I beat it, but after that... I'm not sure.
  3. You updated again, aaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!! Guess that explains why I couldn't log in earlier, 'cause the site was under going maintenance. New logo looks pretty cool.
  4. Hey, so, I did manage to spawn Epona again! ...On top of Hebra Mountain. I got her down, but she kinda died upon landing, so, uh... yeah. At least I've proven to myself that I can get Epona again! I just need to be smarter about were I scan my amiibo
  5. Thanks! But, um, may want to wait on the article until the Nintendo eShop version is up, so the game is actually relevant to your coverage
  6. Spreading the word around to just about every forum I'm a part of: a demo of my next game went up last night! It's available for a minimum of a dollar help me, I'm broke for Windows, Linux, and Mac systems! Feel free to download it here: https://powermaster.itch.io/power-master-1-a-strange-journey-mv-demo Am also working on getting up for Steam, and I have someone I can contact to get it up on Nintendo eShops, so we'll see how that goes! Let me know what you think either here, on the game page's comments, or just about anywhere else you can find me.
  7. You updated the main page layout! Looks pretty sleek What prompted the change?
  8. ...Wait, what? Epona can die?! ...Well, crap, guess I'm just sticking her in the stable once I get her, then.
  9. Okay, good to hear! I wasn't able to register her because I lost her on that island, so I'll keep scanning Link until I get her. Thanks!
  10. Forums have been quiet, so let's kickstart it somewhat with a question I've been meaning to ask. The first time I decided to use my amiibo in Zelda: Breath of the Wild was when I was on an island. Scanned in the Smash Link amiibo and got Epona...to find I couldn't get her off of the island! Stupid me was stupid. I thought "Okay, tomorrow I'll just scan Link again and get her back." ...Nope, all Link's been giving me are random treasures and stuff (I got the Cap and Tunic of Twilight, however). Went back to the island and Epona was gone. My question is: Is there a chance scanning Link will bring Epona back? Or have I completely screwed myself over?
  11. Yo, Peace Boy! How's it going! It certainly has been a while. I'm glad the forums are back up and running. Hopefully for good this time
  12. I have signed up once again, and the forums don't look any different than last time. Let's make sure these forums stick around a while, Nathan!