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  1. Buyers Concerns

    hey all, Reign here. I have been holding off on purchasing a Switch thus far. Ive never been one to early adopt any new tech since most new tech often comes with a revision to fix hardware etc after a year or two in. At first, it was the lack of game library the switch offered. Nindies galore that i have infinite access to on my PC, WiiU ports that frankly should have died with the console, and 3rd party games that, in my opinion, should never have been put onto a switch... looking at you bethesda.... anyway. Now that the Switch library is expanding and with the foretold release of several new titles, my interest has been peaked. ( i somehow did not see the megaman 11 release trailer until now, 3 months after the fact) Even with the release of new titles that are original to the switch and not just ports, im finding it difficult to purchase a switch still. Would i love to overclock it and actually utilize it for what it is? YES. do i want to do it by hacking into my switch? not necessarily. As a PC enthusiast for more than 20 years, of course i would like to see more open platform abilities such as improving cooling, RAM/CPU/GPU clock speeds, screen refresh rates, battery upgrades, etc etc. Honestly, i dont think nintendo will ever make a system that lives up to the potential it boasts and so deservingly craves. No, i do not own a switch yet, im thinking about finally purchasing one but should i? system crashes and failures, integrity issues with the physical system, its chipset, and nintendo itself to be frank... i WANT to want a switch... but so far its an out-dated, old gen box for 300 USD and thats without a game. Virtual Console is still non-existent. Online is "coming" and will more than likely be a buggy mess for at least a year based off nintendo's track record. The appeal of a switch to me is intensely great. A Ferrari looks great too doesnt it? but without the motor its just an empty shell. With nothing to drive the switch forward (other than tapping into nostalgia and promised features and games that have yet to be released), whats keeping it held back? the system being hacked isnt. i can tell you that much. im willing to bet that the number of willing modders for switch is less of a percent than those on other systems. will it happen? yea no doubt it will. but thats not as "major" of an issue as nintendo is making it out to be in my opinion. if they would simply do what they say they are going to do, no one would have a reason to mod/hack. same thing with nin prime's point about the dock. nintendo is creating its own problems by not delivering what the consumers want, need or are promised to receive. but i still want one. picking one up maybe this weekend not sure yet. What i am sure of is that NINPrime will be one of my main sources of information regarding the switch. TL:DR Switch = Meh so far to me and that's..... that's pretty darn upsetting. NINPrime = good