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  1. I am a long-time Nintendo fan for over 20 years now, having experienced many great titles. The Zelda series always had and has a special place in my heart, like it has for so many others too. Having played and enjoyed almost every entry in the series (safe a few exotic exceptions), I heavily anticipated Breath of the Wild. And now that it has finally arrived, I lost interest to complete it. I completed the four divine beasts, and also many of the shrines. But now, I don't even bother preparing for the final fight against Ganon. So, what happend? Well, to me, Breath of the Wild fails to deliver a great experience in many different ways. Let me summarize: The world is huge, but there are not enough interesting secrets hidden in it. No cool mini-dungeons, mostly boring mundane NPCs and side-quests. The main mechanic is centered around the cooking system and the ingredients-gathering. Honestly, I always hated this in other open world games. It is a repetitive task that doesn't demand any intelligence from the player. The same argument holds for the climbing and stamina mechanic: Repetitive, dumb and incredibly boring. The story is practically non-existent. The memory sequences may be well executed, but they are sparse and don't pull me into that much. Zelda never had a deep and demanding storyline, but at least there were some epic story moments. They are completely gone in Breath of the Wild. Only four main dungeons. All of them lack personality and depth. And none of them offered any demanding or interesting puzzles. A real loss for the series in my opinion. Only a few shrines had some fun and interesting challenges, not enough to make up for the lack of main dungeons though. With that being said, the game is impressive from a technical and art-directional standpoint. The physics engine for example is amazing. But all of this doesn't make up for the lack of substance. There may be no handholding this time around, but I actually think the game demands even less from the player than any Zelda game before it. I feel like I'm treated as a child who is expected to mess around with food and physics instead of being treated as an intelligent being who can solve problems and overcome challenges. I feel a bit sad that Breath of the Wild has has moved the series into this direction. And I know that I'm not the only one who thinks like that. I just pray that they will make a turnaround again.