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  1. New Theme

    I think it's looking pretty good so far! Interesting change from when I last visited a week ago
  2. 100th Podcast.

    Don't really have time to watch it, but congrats! Also, love the new theme
  3. How's it going guys?

    What up, ya'll?
  4. Buyers Concerns

    Think of it this way: What other system is going to let you play Super Mario Odyssey ;D In a broader sense, the choice of a console really boils down to the games, because that's what they are made for. And if games are on multiple consoles, what system do you think will give you the best experience. Knowing what games you want to play will help make this decision easier.
  5. Wii U VC?

    Well, first there needs to be a Virtual Console of some kind to begin with. We have the Arcade Archives, but that's not quite the same thing. If a Virtual Console gets announced, then maybe, but otherwise, I think they'll keep sticking with ports.
  6. I see you've updated again

    And now I see you got rid of the scroll bar, but hey it was either that or the list, really. The list looks better though, having all the posts there in one place with a preview. All in all, this is looking good!
  7. I see you've updated again

    Looks like you've updated the main site again for the eleventeenth time Looks good. I like the scroll bar to go through the recent news, but it seems kind of redundant to have a long list of them immediately afterward.
  8. Mercenaries Saga Chronicles

    I played the demo and that was fun. Good graphics and combat, though the diagonal control movement takes a bit to get used to, however. Never played this type of game before, but not sure if I'll get the full game.
  9. Regarding YouTube

    So YouTube decided to be a butt again and make some changes: They raised their viewer count requirement that determines the monitization of channels. Not sure if they made others, but this is the most harmful one, as it's already starting to kill off some channels. Nintendo Prime partner FiveJay is already having issues, now no longer at a high enough view count to keep his monitization (I have no idea how to spell that). I myself have been becoming discouraged with YouTube's parameters and have now decided to hold off on any uploads for now. Nate and the NP channel don't seem to be having an issue, but word needs to go around: Help support the smaller channels that need it and start sending word to YouTube to get their crap together.
  10. VC Skyward Sword would be interesting. Would like to see what they can do with the Joy-Cons. With Switch also being a handheld console, Zelda games that haven't had a handheld release like Wind Waker would be awesome. Having Four Sword Adventures on the Switch VC would be cool, as having four Switches hook up would allow for a full game.
  11. Super Mario Odyssey |OT| - Capturing Our Hearts

    I was hyped at the start, and after hearing about all the Mario 64 stuff actually in the game, I can't wait to play this! I just need a Switch
  12. Pokemon Switch Getting Helmed By "Veteran" Pokemon Devs

    Mega Evolution is cool, but I'm hoping to see a game more akin to the originals. Just focuses on Gym battles and Pokemon collecting, with minimal story effort. Story in a Pokemon game kinda makes it lose its focus, imo.
  13. Forum Feedback and shaping

    1. Posting a Discord link somewhere would be a good idea probably, either here on the forums or somewhere on the main site. 2. I look forward to seeing what themes we can choose from 3. Some suggestions: A "Nintendo Prime Board" for topics relating to Nintendo Prime, whether about its content or about NP itself A "Nintendo Video Games Board" for topics relating to Nintendo. Could have subsections regarding console/handheld or Mario/Zelda/etc. A "General Board" for general what-not
  14. Forum Feedback and shaping

    First of all, glad to see these back up again! I keep saying the last time is the last time, but I guess I just can't stay away I'm noticing a lack of themes this time around, along with separate topic-specific boards. The member statistics on the side is a nice touch.