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Legend of Zelda Virtual Console Possibility?

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So here we are almost 9 months after the launch of the Nintendo Switch, and I can't help but feel a tad-bit jipped so far. I understand that they are trying to promote the new Zelda game and its DLC, but I think they should have revealed some information about rereleasing some other Zelda titles on the Switch. There are plenty of people who never got to play the Twilight Princess HD remaster as it came out not long before the end of life for the Wii U, and I personally own it both digitally and physically. I think Nintendo should rerelease it at a discounted rate for those who own it digitally so I can rebuild my Zelda collection on the coolest new console.....Even if it wasn't discounted I guarantee people would pay for it again just to own it on the Nintendo Switch. I want to see at the least, ALttP, WW HD and TP HD on the Switch, heck I would even buy Skyward Sword again if they released it on the Switch (though I hope they allow both Movement controls with the joycons, and regular controllers as your preference to play it.


Let me know your ideas. What you think and whether or not you think they should come to the Switch.

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VC Skyward Sword would be interesting. Would like to see what they can do with the Joy-Cons.

With Switch also being a handheld console, Zelda games that haven't had a handheld release like Wind Waker would be awesome. Having Four Sword Adventures on the Switch VC would be cool, as having four Switches hook up would allow for a full game.

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I would love Wind Waker on the Switch. Great game and great story. I would love a game designed like BotW with Wind Waker themes.

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