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Nathanial Rumphol-Janc

Nintendo Switch Hardware Issues Official Thread

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Here is where we talk about hardware issues that have cropped up on Nintendo Switch. These can either be issues you yourself have experienced or ones you found elsewhere online. This thread is to discuss these issues at length, possible solutions for them beyond the typical "send it into Nintendo", and how to possibly prevent these issues in the future.

As an example, one known issue that hasn't been fixed is that it's very easy to scratch the screen on a Switch because as they are plastic. These scratches can happen with a dock that may not be perfectly straight, or through sheer user error, among other items touching the screen itself. The best way to avoid this is with a screen protector, preferably a tempered glass one. There are other dock specific solutions including dock sleeves and adding pieces of felt.

Just get a screen protector and say thanks. :)

So, what issues are you aware of, and what are the solutions?

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A friend of mine also bought a Switch. In September, for some reason the joysrick on the left Joycon began to play up. 

I found it strange because it wasn't the typical Joycon bluetooth disconnect issue. The joystick could no longer be pressed down and it was recieving wierd inputs.

Anyway it was returned to the store and he got a new pair of Joycon. Apparently it wasn't the first of this issue. The EB Games employee said it had happened before.

Besides that i've had no problems personally. I've even dropped my Joycon on concrete and it still worked like brand new.

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I have two Nintendo switches, and I noticed that my first one....the joycons vibrate LOUDLY. My new one doesn't. I do not know why....

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